Can't wait to hear your new lp. I use to see you in the Philly area and always loved your music. Sorry to hear about your marriage but hopefully you are coping. Hope you play east sometime!

essencemusic responded on 07/29/2017

Hi there! Thank you for your kind words and for reaching out. that means a lot to me. Have you heard the new record yet? It's on itunes.. Search for "essence black wings" I also have a lot of new music videos on you tube! search for "essence headed north." "essence honeyed out" "essence bullshit" "essence still running" "essence camels n diesel".. I truly appreciate your longtime support. It means more than you know. I'm working on another new record and will be back east when it's done. I actually toured the east coast last fall as well.. Are you on my mailing list for email announcements? Please sign up and I will let you know when I'm out your way next. Meanwhile, thanks for your care about my marriage. It's been a heartbreaker for sure but I am slowly healing. Music helps :) Hope to see you at a show soon! Much love to you. xoxo essence

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