Is this the same Esscence who dated Will Lambert long while ago? He used to let me listen to your CD's if this is you, sounds like you. Great music, your voice is amzing. Keep making it!

essencemusic responded on 07/29/2017

Hi Jae! I'm sorry for the extremely delayed reply to your message but I only now just saw this! Yes, I did used to spemd time with Will Lambert. We were pen pals more than anything but yes, I am the same essence! Thank you fir your kind words about my music. It means the world to me to have your support!! Have you heard my new album "Black Wings?' It was released last year and it's on iTunes.. Search for essence black wings and you should be able to find it. Also, I have a bunch of new music videos on You Tube. search for "essence headed north" and "essence still running" and "essence honoeyed out" and essence bullshit" and essence camels n diesel"... I can also send you a signed copy if you would like a hard copy old fashioned CD! Sending love. All the best to you. xo

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